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Linkt and its national backbone has been created in
2016. It is now 200G ready to go. Linkt delivers IP, Cloud
connectivity and Voice over IP.

Peering policies

You want to peer with us? Please provide information below to : peering (at) linkt.fr

Our information :

IPv4/IPv6 AS44407 policies

AS44407 is usually announcing it's own routes summarized. Customers routes are not accepted if not summarised. We will not reannounce PA's attributed to a customer by another service provider (We expect you to do the same).

All customers announcement are strictly controlled with Prefix List filtering (Based on IRR allocations and records).

Routing strategy

Peering partner must operate a NOC which is reachable 24/7/365 by email and phone.

Peering partner should run it's own AS to peer with Linkt and announce at least a /24 for IPv4 or a /48 for IPv6.

Peering partner should announce route aggregated as much as possible. Peering partner should cooperate in case of network abuse.

Peering partner must have network with enough capacity to exchange traffic without congestion.

Routing policy

The route exchange will be done over BGP-4 (RFC4271). We will reannounce customers routes as we receive them. Peering partner will not send traffic to destinations not announced by the other party through the other party's network.

This mean that the Peering partner will not establish a default route directed to Linkt network or use static routes to pass trafic through Linkt.

The peering is based on good will and best effort. Peering partner can't be liable on Linkt in case of loss or damage during interruption of peering for any period of time.

Dos and don'ts


1, Rue Guglielmo Marconi, 76130 Mont-Saint-Aignan, France

24/7/365 : +33 (0) 800 505 505

noc : noc (at) linkt.fr
peering : peering (at) linkt.fr
abuse : abuse (at) linkt.fr

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